A. "Yuboto Telecommunications and Internet, Ltd.", d.b.a. "Yuboto, Ltd.", whose offices are located at Dimostheni Severi 6, Presidium Building, Floor 2, Flat 21 Nicosia 1080, Cyprus (Registration Number: ΗΕ 350723), has created the www.urlit.io website to offer information and services to its visitors/users. By using the services provided at www.urlit.io, visitors/users indicate that they fully accept these Terms and Conditions of Use. Visitors/users of the website agree that they will comply and conform to the Terms and Conditions of Use described below every time they visit/use the website. In case of disagreement to one or more of these terms of use, the visitor/user should avoid visiting/using the website. YUBOTO, Ltd. reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at any time, but will keep a notice posted on the website for a reasonable length of time in order to inform users of the fact. It is the responsibility of the users to stay informed of any such modifications while visiting yuboto.com. In case visitors/users continue to use the website after the modifications have been announced, it is presumed that they have accepted said modifications. If any service is used that is governed by more specific terms of use, the latter are considered in line with these Terms and Conditions of Use. If the specific terms of use of each service contradict these Terms of Use, the former prevail over the latter.

B. The general and specific terms of use mentioned below are posted in full on urlit.io, and visitors may access them while browsing the website, as well as before and during registration to the provided services. Users are required to confirm that they acknowledge and accept the terms of use in order to receive the code needed to activate the account giving them access to the provided services. YUBOTO, Ltd. assumes that all users have read the terms of use and agree with them.

C. Minors are not allowed to register and use urlit.io web pages and services, which by law are meant exclusively for adults. If minors voluntarily visit web pages or use services that could be deemed inappropriate, YUBOTO, Ltd. bears no responsibility whatsoever.

D. All who visit/use urlit.io do so under the currently valid Terms and Conditions of Use, the latter may not be modified or otherwise interfered with. Acting in good faith, conforming to the principles of Art and Science and according to business ethics, YUBOTO, Ltd. provides a safe environment of use at urlit.io, as well as accurate, comprehensive, valid, reliable and up-to-date information. However, users acknowledge and accept that in any case, given the nature of the services provided, YUBOTO, Ltd. may be unable to control entirely the content and safety of urlit.io web pages and services. For that reason, YUBOTO, Ltd. offers no assurance or guarantee, and takes no responsibility as to the safety and content of the website. Therefore, users accept that they ought to evaluate content and that they bear responsibility for any risk, threat, or damage resulting from the use of the website or its content, including their decision to rely on the accuracy, comprehensiveness, validity, or usefulness of any urlit.io content.

E. The website uses hyperlinks or banner ads that link to other web pages, the hosting providers of which are fully civilly and criminally liable for the safety, lawfulness, and validity of the content of their web pages and services, excluding YUBOTO, Ltd. from any culpability or responsibility, such as intellectual or industrial property rights or other third-party rights. Therefore, users are required to comply to the terms of use of those web pages and directly contact the providers of the latter for any issues that arise from visiting and/or using said web pages.


With the exception of any third-party rights, all of the original content on urlit.io, such as any patented and protected trademarks, brand and company names, logos, photographs, designs, texts, and files in general, are part of the intellectual and industrial property of their beneficiary, YUBOTO, Ltd., and fall under the protection of the relevant legislative provisions. The aforementioned content, in whole or in part, cannot be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, broadcast, transmitted, traded, or distributed in any way by any user without a written permission to do so.

Any third-party products and/or services appearing on urlit.io are part of the intellectual and industrial property of said third parties, who also bear responsibility for their content and their services and/or products.

Users accept and agree to comply and conform to the lawful and proper use of urlit.io, subject to the provisions on data transmission and on the rendering and use of telecommunications services from Cyprus to EU member countries and third countries. Therefore, users agree on such terms as, but not limited to, the following:

They shall not cause harm to a minor, transmit, trade, or promote in any way content that is subject to legal and moral codes, especially illegally acquired material, wiretap records, terrorist material, child pornography, etc.

They shall not transmit or access content that: i) violates any third party rights, ii) violates fundamental human rights recognized by national law and by the European Convention on Human Rights (e.g. the right to confidentiality, the prohibition of discrimination based on any factor, including sex, race, skin color, language, religion, political views or other beliefs, nationality or social position), iii) is contrary to the law, and deviates from moral codes and business ethics, iv) violates in any manner third party privacy or their individual and social rights.

They shall not provide anyone with false information regarding the origin of the website content, damage in any way the reputation of YUBOTO, Ltd., prevent any user from accessing urlit.io, or override the identity check performed by YUBOTO, Ltd.

They shall not in any way install or promote any sort of unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement or unasked electronic messages (spam), chain letters, pyramid systems, or any other kind of unwelcome content promotion, nor shall they install and promote advertisements without the written authorization of YUBOTO, Ltd.

They shall not install, promote, and/or make available any content containing digital viruses, or any other kind of code, files or programs designed to interfere with, destroy or limit the functionality of any software or telecommunications equipment, or prevent other users from using urlit.io.

They shall not disclose personal or third-party information containing user or third party personal data, either during real-time conversations (chats, message boards) or while using any urlit.io service with a multi-user communication feature.

They shall not use the service to inform and contact third parties or the competent Authorities in case of emergency as we cannot guarantee that a data transfer will be successfully made and received during such a critical occasion. YUBOTO, Ltd. bears no responsibility whatsoever if a data transfer fails.

In case visitors/users use the website in an illegal or contrary to these Terms and Conditions manner, they are required to compensate YUBOTO, Ltd. for any direct or indirect, compensatory or consequential damage. Even if the rights defined in these Terms and Conditions are not exercised by YUBOTO, Ltd., it does not mean they are relinquished.


In order to gain access to certain website services or connect to certain web pages, YUBOTO, Ltd. may ask users for identification data so as to issue a relevant Access Code. The data provided by users must always be true, accurate, valid and comprehensive. Users bear responsibility for all actions taken using the Access Code, if the latter is used in any unauthorized way or there is any kind of security breach (or even the possibility of one occurring), then users are obligated to immediately contact YUBOTO, Ltd. YUBOTO, Ltd. does not share such data with third parties. YUBOTO, Ltd. bears no responsibility for any harm or damage incurred from the arbitrary or illegal use of the Access Code by third parties, obtained via a data breach or any other way, and reserves the right to ask users for compensation if the company suffers any kind of damage due to the arbitrary or illegal use of an Access Code. YUBOTO, Ltd. has the right to refuse to issue an Access Code, cancel an issued code, and terminate the services provided to users, as well as deny them current or future use of urlit.io in case the Terms and Conditions of Use are violated. Users must be prudent and diligent as needed on the matter of Access Code safety, and refrain from sharing the Access Codes with any third parties.

Codes issued by YUBOTO, Ltd. are meant strictly for personal use, and the user, for whom codes are issued for, bears sole responsibility should they be lost or stolen. It is assumed that all activities connected to the name and code of a user have been carried out by that user, who also bears full responsibility for the content and use of the services used.


YUBOTO, Ltd. may use cookies to identify users. Cookies are text files stored on each user's hard drive, have no access whatsoever to any documents or files on the user's computer, and are only used to facilitate user access to certain services for statistical reasons so that the company may determine which website services are useful or popular, or for marketing reasons. Users may set up their browser so as not to receive cookies, either in general or in specific instances. In that case, users will be unable to gain further access to these services.


These Terms and Conditions of Use and any modification thereof are governed by Law of Cyprus. Any dispute arising from this contract shall be brought before the competent court of law in Nicosia.


Users may contact the Customer Service Department of YUBOTO, Ltd. by email: info[at]urlit[dot]io. By contacting consumers, our company aims at informing them of the services we provide. Our contact messages are in accordance with Commission Directive 2002/58/CE regarding advertising messages, given the fact that the sender's full details are clearly displayed and that the receiver has the option to delete the message.