What is Urlit?

Urlit is the new, most innovative and integrated mobile marketing tool.
It enables every SMS or Bulk Messaging platform to transmit fully personalized messages including a unique short URL, which leads to a mobile landing page holding unlimited and customized content. In addition, Urlit provides detailed reporting and data tracking for specific elements in the landing page, in order for the user to control easily and quickly the overall performance of it. Moreover, this next gen tool is channel agnostic, as it is fully compatible with any marketing channel such as: SMS, MMS, Viber Messages, WhatsApp Messages, RCS, Telegram and CRM or ERP systems.

sms to landing page

Convert a simple Message to a Landing Page

Use the Urlit friendly wizard and build effective mobile landing pages fully customized to your customers’ marketing needs. The landing page can host unlimited content such as text, pictures, videos, PDFs and all kinds of files.

Create a mobile landing page without anyone’s help!

The Urlit editor enables you to create a perfect and complete mobile
landing page without any specialized technical knowledge.

Step 1

Create the customized mobile landing page

Step 2

Publish it with a click

Step 3

Generate unique, short URLs

Step 4

Track data & Optimize your campaigns


Benefits – Landing Pages increase Conversions and Sales

160 characters of SMS aren’t enough for modern-day marketing, as it requires wider and richer, more relevant and personalized content.

Urlit is here to help you perform effective mobile marketing campaigns by building tailor -made landing pages suited to your customers’ profile. It is simple, quick and easy!

If content is the King, then unlimited content is a whole kingdom.

Surprise the recipient with personalized, interactive and multimedia content.

Add a new mobile marketing service to your platform with absorbable cost.

Generate unique and short URLs that provide you detailed analytics for each recipient.

Urlit as a service establishes a real competitive advantage for your company.

Client Testimonials

Urlit is the only platform we found that allows our designing team to create landing pages without the need for manual custom coding. The support team is very responsive and was there for us every time!

Beatrice Mayer , Marketing Manager
- Tourism and Vacations

Urlit is a great marketing tool that is easy to use. Personalization via unique URLs gave us all the necessary information and analytics for each recipient, so we gained a deeper understanding of their behavior.

Anna Maria Georgiou , Commercial Director
- Food and Beverages

URLIT helps us to take our clients' SMS marketing activities to the next level, allowing them to create powerful and rich landing pages without burdening IT teams or web agencies and to track their campaign performance for each customer thanks to unique short links.

Mat Stevens , Marketing Director
- Apparel and Fashion

The Urlit tool is a perfect solution to track, optimize and customize your SMS marketing campaigns. This is without any doubt the perfect solution for new user acquisition, as well as user retention. Furthermore, its platform supports effectively all kinds of modern campaigns with unlimited and personalized content, so it is an “all in one” solution that I highly recommend. P.S. It really is a super super tool, well-done.

Mary Lee Wong , CRM Specialist
- Cosmetics and Personal care