White Label Options

The White Label version of Urlit enables you to customize many of its elements in a way to emphasize your own Branding. In particular, there are various customizing options giving you the possibility of using your own themes, brand colors, company logos and of course your brand name to stand out of the competition.

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Tailor the environment, the design and overall layout of
Urlit with the following options:

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1. Customize the short URLs.
The short URLs that lead to the landing page are an integral feature of any campaign and its credibility. Consequently, we allow its full customization, so you may name it in a way that will draw attention. The brand name is always a safe and effective option.
Example of customized short URL
Default short URL: https://urlit.io/
Customized short URL: https://brandname.com/

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2. Customize the landing page URL
In addition to the first option, customizing the landing page URL is also available in order for you to establish the page as an official company site.

Preview of customized landing page URL
Default landing page URL: https://urlit.io/link123435
Customized landing page URL: https://brandname.com/link12345

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3. Customize the landing page Editor.
The mobile landing page Editor is one of the most vital tools of the platform, as within its interface users create their landing pages, thus spending a significant amount of time using it. Therefore, the customization of the Editor is a must have feature for enterprises that wish to maintain their brand awareness.
Tailor the Editor to showcase your brand by using:
• A domain name of your choice
Example: https://editor.brandname.com/
• The company – brand logo
• Colors that match your brand’s coloring

4. Customize the Control Panel
Control Panel is the place where all the Urlit magic happens. While in Control Panel, the user can navigate - access all the available features from reviewing and editing the published campaigns to request support and check the URLs performance. Its customization can boost your brands equity and at the same time offer an optimized customer experience.
Control Panel customizing options:
• Company – Brand logo
• Theme with brand coloring
• Tailored layout - interface