Urlit brief overview & features

An all-in-one online mobile marketing platform that’s smart, simple and fast.
Boost your marketing performance by making the most of Urlit!
Create personalized landing pages with appealing design and reach your customers at the exact moment you wish. Provide them unlimited content and optimize your campaigns by using Urlit’s advanced reporting.

urli features


Discover the user friendly Urlit editor

Its various functionalities enable independent creation of mobile landing pages serving the purposes of any commercial campaign, without requiring help from graphic designers, developers or any HTML knowledge at all.

Urlit Editor makes both designing and personalizing mobile landing pages effortless. See more...

Tokens – Personalization

Mobile Marketing made personal

Tokens are the personalized variables or in other words, the dynamic information that you are able to pass through the unique URLs you will generate for your campaign. This way, every single one landing page you create can be customized by including specific and personalized information, regarding the exact intended recipient. See more...

Generate & Track unique URLs

Track the campaigns performance

Upload your spreadsheet of Tokens into Urlit and unique URLs for each recipient will automatically be created. Each URL is accompanied by a specific list with Tokens, which makes it unique. With Urlit’s unique URLs, you are able to keep track of your campaigns’ performance, track information about the behavior of each recipient and have access to advanced reporting. See more...

Advanced Reporting

Analyze the campaigns performance

Performance insights is what you need when measuring the efficiency of your campaigns. For accessing campaign performance, Urlit provides the industry’s most advanced reporting dashboard.

Comprehensive reports measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, showcase the recipients’ behavior and actions towards the purchasing process. See more...


Urlit becomes one with your systems

Expand your software functionality by integrating it with Urlit using our API. For further details please contact our support team at support[at]urlit[dot]com See more...


Customize Urlit!

Urlit is provided with numerous customization options, in addition to a fully white – label version. Tailor any element of the platform to match your brand identity. Explore the branding opportunities Urlit has to offer. See more...

Account Administration

Enterprise Feature Only.

Create as many subaccounts as you need! Optimize the management of your clients’ campaigns by creating a subaccount for each one of them. Urlit’s administration system allows you to create multiple subaccounts under the main business account you maintain, and also provides you the option of selecting the preferable billing method for each one. Furthermore, we provide detailed statistic reports and performance tracking for each subaccount separately. Assign to each of your clients a subaccount and make their management quick and efficient.


Safety First

Security and protection of all your data, as well as the privacy of your clients’ sensitive information is our top priority.

Your data are safe with us:
We save your data to multiple servers and disks at the same time to ensure failsafe reliability. All data is backed up daily and stored in our security-focused data centers in multiple locations across the world.

We protect your billing data:
We protect all credit card data using state-of-art encryption - the same level of encryption used by the leading banks.
All sensitive data are processed, transmitted and stored on a PCI-compliant network that is regularly scanned for security by industry-leading experts.