Landing Pages Detailed Tracking

Tracking the performance of your campaigns its vital in order to get the necessary feedback and optimize any next attempts. Having that in mind we built Urlit in a way that precise tracking of every element is possible.

urlit personalized banner

Urlit creates as many unique URLs as the recipients of your campaign. These URLs are fully trackable so you may easily know how many and exactly which recipients opened their URL. This is the first, fundamental tracking option. In addition, the unique URLs have another great function, as they enable the detailed performance tracking of any element on the landing page.

You have the option to select as many elements as you wish to be tracked and thanks to the unique nature of the URLs, you will be in the position to know exactly whose recipients’ activity is monitored. Main Elements that are useful to be tracked are usually: various Links in the landing page, CTA Buttons, Files for downloading, Multimedia Content.