Combine Bulk campaigns and personalized content

Urlit has numerous options for fully customizing your landing pages.
So, you may create tailor made content fitting the varying needs and interests of your audience.

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Personalize your Marketing with Tokens

Tokens are the personalized variables or in other words, the dynamic information that you are able to pass through the unique URLs, in order to be displayed at the landing page. This way, every single one landing page produced will be customized by including specific and personalized information regarding the exact intended recipient.

Tokens make possible an in deep analysis of any campaign by providing critical insights such as: detailed tracking of the actions of each recipient individually, understanding of the overall customers behavior and their preferences, elaborated information for optimizing the following campaigns.

Tokens – Cases & Examples

Case Study 1 – Commercial Use

Suppose that we wish to make a commercial campaign informing our customer base about a new collection that comes with special and diverse discounts. In order to make the communication more personal and give a familiar tone, we can use the full name of each recipient accompanied by the specific discount he/she qualifies for.

In this case, we have 3 different tokens. The first 2 regard the name of the customer, while the 3d represents the discount. So, the tokens are:

Urlit Personalization Case2

Consequently, the text in our landing page could be:

“Dear Mr. [Token 2], our new collection is waiting for you! Don’t miss the chance to purchase selected items on [Token 3] discount!“

Otherwise, we can use recipient’s first name to make our CTA even friendlier. The text in this case would be:

“Hello, [Token 1], we know that you love brand new jeans, that’s why we offer you [Token 3] discount on our new collection.“

Case Study 2 – Insurance Renewal

Let’s suppose that we want to inform many clients about the forthcoming expiration of their insurance contract and the available time they have to renew it. In this case the minimum Tokens we should use are the following 3:

Urlit Personalization Case2

Message example

“Dear customer, we would like to inform you that your insurance contract No. [Token 1] expires on [Token 2]. If you wish to stay with us, then you should renew our agreement the latest until[Token 3]